As we know, Timeshifting is the recording of programming to a storage medium to be viewed or listened to at a time more convenient to the consumer. Aviosoft DTV Player also offers you this amazing Time Shifting function. Thus you can never lose any part of your favorite TV show when you are too busy to keep in front of your TV, or just skip the boring advertisements.

The timeshifting function is only available for HDTV playback in Aviosoft DTV Player.

Follow steps below to use the Timeshifting function in Aviosoft DTV Player:

1. Launch Timeshift

Just press Pause button during TV program playback status, you will pause watching and launch TimeShift function, then you will do anything else if you want. A yellow bar will display and keep changing at the center of Main Control Panel to show the timeshifting progress.

2. Play Timeshift program

When you are back to PC, click again, you can play the timeshifting program and go on to watch the TV with your last stop.

3. Exit Timeshift, go back to live TV show

To exit timeshifting and go back to live TV show, please just click .