How to record TV?

With Aviosoft DTV Player, you can easily record favorite live TV shows directly as mpg format onto your computer. You can even schedule recordings in advance or automatically record new episodes of your favorite TV series.

How to record a live TV show

You can record a TV show that's currently airing. When you do this, the show is recorded from the moment you start recording. For example, if you're halfway through watching a show before you start recording it, the recording won't include the first half.

  1. The operation is very easy. Launching Aviosoft DTV Player and scroll to the channel you like.
  2. While the program is airing, just directly click Record button Main Control Panel of Aviosoft DTV Player, or click in Floating Panel to activate Record page, then click record button , you will begin to record file.
  3. Click to finish recording. The recorded file will be shown on Floating Panel_Record as below.