How to get Analog TV channels

Analog TV is known to encode television picture and sound information and transmit it as an analog signal, one in which the message conveyed by the broadcast signal is a function of deliberate variations in the amplitude and/or frequency of the signal. All systems preceding digital television were analog television systems. Broadcasters using analog television systems encode their signal using NTSC, PAL or SECAM analog encoding and then modulate this signal onto a VHF or UHF carrier.

The article will teach how to receive Analog TV channels via Aivosfot DTV Player.

Step 1. If an Analog TV tuner installed or connected to your PC, and its driver has been properly installed, after launching Aviosoft DTV Player,, the application will auto prompt you to scan channels. Here we take DVB-T as an example.

auto scan box in Aviosoft DTV Player

Step 2. Click Yes to enter scan box:

box to scan channels

  • Country: Select your country on the drop-down list. If your country is not in the list, please select Universal.
  • Specific Band: Entry your local frequency range to scan.
  • Advanced Scan: Generally please keep it as default.

Step 3. Click ok button in aviosoft dtv player to begin channel scanning.